Loft Conversions

Below are the traditional types of loft conversion that we take on. We specialise, however, in “roof off / roof on” conversions. We are one of only a handful of companies to use these. Click here to see why they are a superior option.

This style of loft conversion is best for properties where the existing roof space would provide insufficient headroom in the finished room.

It involves creating additional space by extending the walls up through the roof a short way (usually only on one side) to create a flat ceiling inside. This makes the new room more practical, especially if you wish to incorporate an en-suite bathroom.


This type of loft conversion is only suitable for houses that are already hip-ended. For this loft adaptation we extend the existing roof in line with the external wall, creating plenty of extra floor space - often enough for two rooms and a bathroom. This leaves the house looking from the outside as though it was originally built to this specification.

Before you decide which style of loft you wish to have installed, we will visit you to discuss all your possibilities and using our experience are happy to advise you which type of loft conversion is most appropriate for your home.

This style of loft conversion is appropriate for houses where the existing loft already provides adequate headroom, albeit for a smaller room, such as a single bedroom or a study. This option is less disruptive than a Dormer conversion and is less likely to require planning permission, although it is always advisable to check with your local authority. With their gently sloping roofs, Velux conversions retain some of the charm of being 'up in the eaves'.